Top 10 Machine Tool Solution Companies - 2019
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Top 10 Machine Tool Solution Companies - 2019

Reliable machine tools are a vital component of the production industry as they play the most significant role in manufacturing high-quality products. The uniqueness of the equipment determines the accuracy, precision, and production rate at which the manufacturing process is carried out. Ensuring the strength and quality of the machine tools can help companies flawlessly manufacture without breakdowns to gain maximum output.

Advancement in 3D printing technology has further influenced the importance of compact tools for creating precise prototypes of products. Thus, organizations are integrating 3D printers with machine tools and achieving operational excellence by reducing the speed to market for new products and the manufacturing cost. 3D printing has changed the dynamics of the machine tool industry by expediting the process of producing auto parts, such as spoiler for prototyping, and manufacturing vehicles for the future. Consequently, various automobile companies are embracing these technologies and replacing their conventional method of machining. While 3D printers still do not suffice when it comes to meeting the needs of the current manufacturing line, research and development (R&D) by several companies is evolving its capabilities to enable new ways of producing products or parts. Until recently, traditional tools held back manufacturers in implementing intricate designs, but with 3D printers organizations are comfortably materializing complex layouts. It has also phased out the dated practice of cutting, which has resulted in frugally utilizing resources as with 3D printers companies do not need to recycle the leftovers after the cutting process.

Machine tools industry has also evolved due to the surge of automation; companies are able to eliminate manual work with computerized numerical control (CNC). Such process automation allows employees to monitor the production and take corrective action as and when needed, thereby, reducing the need for redundant preventive maintenance and labor cost. In addition, robots are also being deployed to carry out repetitive tasks with higher accuracy while ensuring increased productivity. The prevalence of artificial intelligence is further improving the performance of robots and helping organizations shorten design time and reduce material waste. Various vendors with their R&D initiatives are working on collaborative robots—also called cobots—that can work in tandem with each other and handle the complete process of manufacturing products from start to end. 

The growing demand for superior quality products has propelled companies to undertake automation with unfailing tools in manufacturing and optimize their product lifecycle management. Increased productivity is one of the most important aspects, which benefits companies that use process automation. To help organizations gain operational resilience, vendors are providing novel solutions and assisting them in enhancing their productivity.

This edition of Manufacturing Technology Insights features the most promising machine tool solution providers who are radically transforming the machine tool space. Over the past few months, a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs and the editorial team of Manufacturing Technology Insights have reviewed companies in the machine tool sector and have shortlisted the forerunners who are meeting the challenges of the industry head-on.

We present to you, “Top 10 Machine Tool Solution Providers - 2019.”

    Top Machine Tool Solution Companies

  • Provides advanced fabrication, CNC machining and, composite cold-storage,cutting and kitting services, in addition to providing manufacturing consulting in continuous improvement to manufacturing companies

  • CGTech


    Specializes in numerical control (NC/CNC) simulation, verification, optimization and analysis software technology for manufacturing

  • Chevalier Machinery

    Chevalier Machinery

    Chevalier Machinery USA is a leading manufacturer of grinding, turning and milling machining centers. The company's machines are assembled in our 9001-certified facilities with R&D, machining, sheet metal production and electronic departments

  • Doosan Machine Tools

    Doosan Machine Tools

    Develops products with growth potential for client industries and comes up with solutions and response systems cartered to the needs of clients

  • Dormer Pramet

    Dormer Pramet

    Dormer Pramet is a machine tools manufacturer and supplier globally for the metal cutting industry

  • FEIN Power Tools

    FEIN Power Tools

    FEIN is a global power tool manufacturers with cutting edge of innovation

  • Georg Fischer

    Georg Fischer

    GF Machining Solutions is a power tool provider to manufacturers of precision components

  • Hardinge


    With locations, employees, channel partners, and service staff across the globe, Hardinge is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of precise, advanced metal-cutting machine tool solutions

  • Makita


    With over 100 years of experience in advanced motor design, Makita applies the latest innovation to engineer and manufacture the best power tools in the world

  • Sandvik


    Sandvik is a high-tech and global engineering group offering products and services that enhance customers' productivity, help ensure workers' safety and reduce environmental impact