Top 10 Machine Tool Solution Companies - 2020
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Top 10 Machine Tool Solution Companies - 2020

As technological marvel is propelling industries worldwide, industrial automation has become the norm today. Industry 4.0 witnesses a transformation of the industries driven by artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and the internet of things (IoT). For providing higher reliability and productivity, businesses are increasingly adopting the latest innovations and techniques in engineering and machine tool equipment. Computer numerical control (CNC) equipment has already started replacing conventional machine tools, and manual processes are giving way to the automated workflow.

Although manufacturing and the allied industries have been hugely affected by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the supply and demand are expected to get back to its upward trajectory after this crisis. As the demand for flexibility and quantity would keep increasing, metalworking companies need to steadily continue adopting advanced solutions that can make it more efficient, reliable, flexible, and cost-effective.

At this juncture, there is a variety of machine tool and metalworking solutions available in the market that caters to the different needs of the businesses. To help them choose the solution that best fits their requirement, Manufacturing Technology Insights has compiled the list of the top 10 metalworking and machine tool solution providers. The enlisted companies are the frontrunners in the market that provide a wide span of features. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Manufacturing Technology Insight’s, “Top 10 Machine Tool Solution Providers.” 

    Top Machine Tool Solution Companies

  • Indiana-based Hautau designs and builds dependable, high-speed tube cutting and chamfering systems that produce mechanical parts consistently according to customers’ specific requirements. Whether it’s a range of tube cutoff lathes and beveling equipment or a custom solution, Hautau satisfies customer’s needs and provides extensive technical support. Offering the most advanced and efficient approach to tube cutting, Hautau’s rotating-head tube cutoff lathes hold the tube in place while both ends are chamfered, grooved, and bored in one single setup.To facilitate continuous production, Hautau offers automatic tube loading systems capable of handling the heaviest tube bundles and includes strap loaders, chain loaders, inclined table loaders, and custom H-rack systems

  • Allied Machine & Engineering

    Allied Machine & Engineering

    Allied Machine & Engineering manufacturers holemaking & finishing tool systems, such as industrial drills, boring tools, thread mills, reamers, & more in Dover, Ohio. Their product offering includes brands such as Wohlhaupter, ThreadMills USA, Superion, & Criterion. They devote their advanced engineering and manufacturing capabilities to create the widest selection of value-added tooling available to metal-cutting industries worldwide. Their tooling solutions deliver the lowest cost per hole in many varieties of drilling, reaming, burnishing, boring and threading applications.

  • BIG KAISER Precision Tooling

    BIG KAISER Precision Tooling

    BIG KAISER is an industrial tooling company with facilities in Switzerland, Germany and the USA. We are a global supplier of precision metal cutting tools and machine tool accessories. BIG KAISER designs, manufactures and markets premium high-precision tooling systems and solutions for the Automotive, Aerospace, Agriculture, Energy, and Medical industries among others. BIG KAISER is part of the family owned BIG Daishowa Group with 900 employees worldwide. The product portfolio is made in Switzerland, Japan and the USA, comprising of more than 20,000 precision tools that adhere to the highest quality standards. A trendsetter in precision, performance, innovation and service, BIG KAISER is proud of its in-house production of digital displays and direct electronic measuring systems for digital precision boring heads to ensure absolute setting accuracy and eliminate operating errors.

  • Expand Machinery

    Expand Machinery

    Expand Machinery, Inc. provides you with one – stop shop for all of your machining needs. We provide the Ganesh line of machines including GEN MILL and GEN TURN. We offer multi-tasking turning machines, CNC machining centers, 5 - axis milling centers, CNC Swiss screw machines, Big-Bore manual and CNC Lathes, CNC turning centers, CNC slant bed lathes and manual & CNC tool room lathes and milling machines. All of our machines are manufactured in our ISO-9001 facilities in Taiwan. Many of the critical components that go into our machines are manufactured in Japan.

  • JTEKT North America

    JTEKT North America

    TEKT Corporation was established in January 2006 through the merger of Koyo Seiko Co., Ltd., a world-class bearing manufacturer, and Toyoda Machine Works, Ltd., a machine tool manufacturer excelling in cutting edge machining technologies. Combining the most advanced technologies and the manufacturing expertise of both companies, today JTEKT delivers innovative products that satisfy the most demanding customers all over the world.

  • KSI Swiss

    KSI Swiss

    KSI Swiss provides the highest quality world-class Swiss Style Automatic CNC Lathes that can be offered. KSI Swiss, in partnership with machine tool builder HJM Automation, is the only American owned provider of this type of machine tool. KSI is a family operated company located in Minnesota. You will not find a better value anywhere. The KSI Swiss machines are known for their 'more' factor, more mass, more rigidity, more tools, more stroke, more thrust, more gripping force, more included options, more training, more room, etc. We're constantly striving to improve our products, as well as add new products as demand rises.

  • Marposs


    Marposs is a leading global supplier of precision metrology equipment for shop-floor inspection, measurement and process control solutions, provides gauging and compensation systems for grinders and other machine tools. Marposs operates with the most advanced equipment to assure the quality of its products. For instance, the assembly of printed circuits is performed on a completely automated SMD line, integrated with opto-electronic systems which assure optimum levels of quality together with a high degree of operating flexibility. Testing is made with advanced technologies and machines: full circuit inspection using mobile inspection probes perform boundary scan-type tests, the only ones capable of performing high reliability tests on printed circuit boards with complex integrated circuits.

  • Razor Tool

    Razor Tool

    Razor Tool offers full-service manufacturing, specializing in milling and turning for small to mid-sized parts. Our parts are inspected using a CMM and certified gauges. We produce custom cutters, as well as industry standard cutting tools. Additionally, we provide regrinding and sharpening services for your endmills and high performance drills. Examples of cutters we produce include high performance endmills, dovetails, bullnose mills, custom tapered endmills, corner rounders and chamfering cutters. We verify our cutting tools on our Zoller Genius 3. Our 5-Axis cutter grinding capabilities, as well as precision computerized inspection provides our customers with the competitive edge in milling and drilling. Razor Mill is proudly owned and operated in the USA and located in Woburn, Massachusetts. Razor Tool provides a unique blend of services to meet and exceed customers expectations for all of their cutting and milling needs.

  • TECHNI Waterjet

    TECHNI Waterjet

    TECHNI Waterjet™ is one of the oldest and most experienced Waterjet Cutting Machine manufacturers in the World, established in 1989. It is now the leading innovator in 2D & 3D waterjet cutting machinery, having revolutionized the industry with the QUANTUM NXT™ (Electric Servo Pump), which is available with any model of TECHNI Waterjet™. The ESP can also replace the current high-pressure pump on any Waterjet cutting machine, whether hydraulic intensifier or hydraulic direct drive style. TECHNI Waterjet™ is committed to manufacturing waterjet cutting machines that are easy to operate, reliable, accurate and will last beyond our customers’ expectations.

  • Winton Machine Company

    Winton Machine Company

    Atlanta-headquartered Winton Machine Company engineers high quality, American-made tube and coax fabricating solutions. We've manufactured over 100 different fabricating machines that deliver unique processes as well as solve productivity and safety issues. Every Winton machine is an engineered solution specific to the customer's needs and wants. Our customers have access to expert installation support and training. We stand behind every machine we make to be sure it delivers what it was designed to do. Winton has an excellent product line and superior machines for the Coax market, including an innovative software system for three semi-rigid coax benders that allow users onboard diagnostics and 3-D graphics. This combination of software and equipment creates a substantial cost savings for users. Winton specializes in HVAC/Refrigeration, Aerospace, Electronics, Microwave and Military as well as serving smaller companies across a wide variety of industries.