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Bonal Technologies: The New Era of Metal Stress Relief

Top 10 Metal Working Companies - 2022


The metalworking machinery and machine tools market witnessed a significant demand for new and used equipment last year and continues to grow this year as well. The aerospace, automobile, and defense sectors in the U.S. are the major driving factors of this demand for metal-forming machine tools.

The supply chain issues and limited inventory drove higher costs, longer lead times, and extended delivery times for new equipment, boosting used equipment values. However, the demand of end-users for late-model used machinery outmatches supply.

The increased activities in aviation, automotive, and oil and gas markets drive the rising technology orders and demand for quality production equipment for manufacturing and late-model CNC machine tools particularly. Market conditions remained favorable for used equipment dealers and auctioneers since early 2021 and achieved significant value for machinery. The buyers are paying premiums for available machinery due to the limited supply of late-model used equipment.

These trends will continue in the near term, while the rising inflation and economic uncertainty will also shape the marketplace. Apart from this, vibration stress relief (VSR) technology and faster CNC machine tools with more advances in sensing and feedback technology can optimize and adjust cutting parameters in real time. The implementation of sensors and smart chip technologies provides even more cutting and performance data and insight, allowing manufacturers to build valuable databases for optimizing machining processes.

The advances in additive manufacturing today extend beyond rapid prototyping, and the industry is witnessing more hybrid machines that combine additive and subtractive processes. These machines can reduce tooling and material handling costs while increasing productivity.

The 3D printing of metal products for lower volume applications will be more prevalent in the future. As their speed and accuracy increase and these systems will be well suited for high-volume applications, it can help reduce the cost of the components as they are made out of powder metal materials.

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    Top Metal Working Companies

  • Bonal Technologies is the world’s leading provider of subharmonic vibratory stress relief technology of metal. The solution uses sub-harmonic vibrational energy during the stress relief dwell time and can ensure proper stress relief process completion

  • Dalsin Industries

    Dalsin Industries

    Dalsin Industries is a market leader in high-value contract manufacturing of precision metal weldments, assemblies, and products for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). Dalsin delivers unique metal manufacturing services through a combination of design-for-manufacture (DFM) application, innovative new product design assistance, high-velocity manufacturing processes and planning control

  • DeWys Manufacturing

    DeWys Manufacturing

    DeWys Manufacturing headquartered in West Michigan, has over a 40 year tradition of providing customers with outstanding pre-sale engineering, manufacturing, and post-sales support. The DeWys team of professionals are ready to help apply the most modern technology to client’s standard or custom-designed products. DeWys Manufacturing manufactures products in an efficient, modern facility with state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing equipment

  • DoALL Sawing Products

    DoALL Sawing Products

    DoALL Sawing Products, found in thousands of machine shops across the world, range from industrial machines for high production to general purpose, miter cutting, vertical contour, horizontal structural, circular saws, specialty saws and custom engineered machines. DoALL saws are built from the ground up by a full engineering and manufacturing staff that work together to design and assemble reliable and rugged saws

  • Fox Valley Stamping

    Fox Valley Stamping

    Since 1965 Fox Valley Stamping Company has provided high quality metal stampings, CNC precision LASER cutting, welding and fabrications to customers in a broad spectrum of industries. By blending both traditional and non-traditional manufacturing capabilities, their metal working professionals maximize their flexibility and optimize the services they provide to customers

  • JSI Metal Fabrication

    JSI Metal Fabrication

    JETechnology Solutions is a metal fabrication company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of parts and assemblies that support a wide variety of industries including amusement, aviation, construction, and industrial industries. Their manufacturing equipment consisting of CNC milling machines, CNC plate cutters, Welding Machines, and other equipment coupled with our personnel can produce almost any part/assembly to their customer’s requirements

  • Metalmite


    Metalmite is a full service machine shop that manufactures, modifies, and repairs prototype and production parts. They work with all kinds of steel, aluminum, and plastic. They are a full CNC machining and CNC Grinding facility that can make most parts complete in house. They have full 3-dimensional cad-cam capabilities and are able to receive most files via e-mail and also offer local pick-up and delivery for all jobs

  • Olympic Steel

    Olympic Steel

    As a leading U.S. metals service centers, they have been safely supplying quality business solutions to customers in metal intensive industries since 1954. They sell and distribute large volumes of carbon and coated sheet, plate, and coil products; stainless steel sheet, plate, bar and coil; aluminum sheet, plate and coil; pipe, tube, valves and fittings; and tin plate, as well as metal-intensive branded products, including Wright® brand self-dumping hoppers and EZ-Dumper® dump inserts

  • Quaker Houghton

    Quaker Houghton

    Quaker Houghton is the global leader in industrial process fluids, with more than 4,000 employees including chemists, engineers and industry experts, and operations in over 25 countries. Their customers include the world’s most advanced steel, aluminum, automotive, aerospace, offshore, can, mining, and metalworking companies. They partner with customers to take on their challenges as their own by bringing the right combination of technical and business savvy to gain more efficient, more effective operations so that they can face the opportunities of the future

  • RP Abrasives

    RP Abrasives

    RP Abrasives is a new England metal finishing shop that provides quality finished parts with fast turn-around times. RPA also can provide passivated parts that will be certified to ASTM 967 as well as RoHS & RoHS2 compliant. They use citric acid baths, ultrasonic, and proprietary processes to ensure that client’s metal finish is of the highest quality possible