Muskogee Technology: Bridging Manufacturing Technology Excellence and Community...

Muskogee Technology: Bridging Manufacturing Technology Excellence and Community Development

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Westly L. Woodruff, President & CEO, Muskogee TechnologyWestly L. Woodruff, President & CEO
“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”— Charles Darwin.

The medium and large enterprises (SMEs) in the manufacturing industry often find it daunting to venture into manufacturing areas beyond their expertise and of which they have marginal experience. To that end, they recognize the importance of intellectual resource sharing and often subcontract part of their production work to small scale manufacturers. These partnerships can prevent net losses rooting from non-expert operations in uncharted areas, and achieve superior manufacturing outcomes.

Nestled in the heart of southern Alabama, Muskogee Technology is an advanced metal fabrication and CNC machining company that manufactures precision products to meet the mission-critical needs of its large clients. Muskogee Technology provides services to its clients in the defense, aerospace, power generation and distribution, and oil and gas industries. The company also offers manufacturing advisory services to improve the client’s manufacturing operations and processes. “We are the only company of our size that is AS9100D certified in aerospace CNC machining, welding, metal fabrication, and, NADCAP certified in composites” says Westly L. Woodruff, CPP president and CEO of Muskogee Technology. “Besides, our geographic location is a strategic advantage to our clients because of the States low utility rates and low cost of living that reflect as cost benefits.”

Muskogee Technology’s machining department powers the mass production projects with its dedicated workforce that operates CNC machines for milling, turning, and water jet machining. The site operates for 24 hours every day 5 days per week. Clients can have large orders fulfilled in short timeframes through this industrious facility.

The company has a large composites department where aerospace prepeg materials are cold-stored, managed, processed, and kitted. Clients seeking composite machining (post mold) and cold-storage services are catered to in this facility’s clean room with controlled positive pressure and temperature while the finished composite products are stored in the facility’s sub-zero freezer.

We are the only company of our size that is AS9100D certified in aerospace CNC machining, welding, metal fabrication, and NADCAP certified in composites

With tremendous experience in aerospace applications, Muskogee Technology plans to provide surface finishing, cleaning, and coating services in the near future.

Further, Muskogee Technology’s small fabrication department hosts entry-level fabrication with products created to serve clients from the agricultural and recreational sectors. The company also has a heavy fabrication department that is more complex and designed to serve the wind and energy sectors—producing parts for shipping fixtures, lifting devices, power generation and distribution equipment—and the oil and gas industries.

A case in point, Muskogee Technology’s can serve its clients, in aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO). While our clients focus on MRO applications, Muskogee Technology’s can focus on ancillary service needs. Muskogee Technology’s assessed the client’s production area and identified potential safety concerns and ergonomic opportunities presented by makeshift tools and equipment. In response, Muskogee Technology’s designed custom equipment to improve the client’s maintenance services. Muskogee Technology’s can also work to assess and modify client’s production applications with special equipment capable of enhancing daily production efficiencies.

Muskogee Technology’s strives to improve, to contribute, and enrich the life of the local community. The company strives for a high employee retention rate that is supported by a strict training regiment, internal prodigy, and workforce development program. The company works tirelessly to recruit local citizens and tribal members to offer a local opportunity to develop them into skilled and proficient manufacturing professionals through continuous improvement training. “We are part of the economic development arm of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians under Creek Indian Enterprises Development Authority and our vision is to establish a strong and sustainable local economy offering head of household (HOH) jobs,” says Woodruff. Harnessing the dedicated workforce to improve customer convenience, Muskogee Technology’s plans to be the one-stop-shop through which its clients can receive finished products from raw material form to finished coated product.